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Transform your outdoor nook

Every one of us would love to own their own getaway in the nature, where they can be hidden from the rush of the big city, from the stress of working days, where they can relax and enjoy the outdoors the way they are meant to be enjoyed. Our best guess is a small, but cozy log cabin in the woods just outside of your hometown, preferably with a big, open porch where you can watch the sunsets in the wilderness. Of course, you will also need some patio furniture, so you can enjoy the comfort of your living room sofa out in the open air.


Choosing a good furniture for log cabins can be a formidable task, or if you are looking for a ready-made have a look at You have to look out for several things and here you will find some tips so this job turns from a boring chore into a satisfying mission. Here you can find a few good advice on how to choose your garden furniture.

First of all, you have to consider the choice of materials. You can choose from a variety of different ones: steel, wood, plastic, aluminum and so on. Each of these has certain advantages and disadvantages, for example: wood is beautiful and gives a nice, rustic look, it is easy to work with, relatively cheap (although some types can be very expensive) and there is a great choice of different types of wood. On the other hand, wood can be a bit demanding when it comes to maintenance because you will need occasional repaints to prevent rot and insects from destroying your beautiful patio rocking chair.

Lawn Care & Design : Caring for Outdoor Wood Furniture

Steel will provide great longevity and sturdiness, but will also need to be taken good care of, primarily to prevent rust. Aluminum and plastic will demand much less hassle when it comes to maintenance, but they just don’t have that natural appeal of wood or the elegance of wrought iron or steel. While aluminum furniture is weatherproof and long-lasting, it is just not that eye-pleasing like wood or steel. Plastic is very affordable, of course, but it is the least appealing.


When you go out to buy your furniture, mind your size and the size of your family members and make sure you do not undersize the chairs you are going to sit in because this will not be a very pleasant experience. Some chairs are just very narrow and poorly designed. Some can just be too low; too close to the ground so getting out of them might be a task, especially for the elderly. Take care of the dimensions of sofas, too, because some can be too deep, but others just too shallow.


Our advice is to relax, take your time, and literally sit down. Test out all the furniture you like by simply sitting or lying down and do not stick to your first choice, try out a few before your make your final choice. Think about long lasting comfort and become the proud owner of a new set of patio furniture for your log cabin or for any of your gardens.

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